What Is a Team BeachBody Coach ?

When Beachbody started they decided to give people like you and me to have an opportunity to start a business for a very small fee.

You didn’t need to know much about the fitness and diet industry because Beachbody will provide all the tools you needed to be successful.

The same holds true today.   When I first joined it was because I needed to get back in shape and improve my diet.

Little did I know the impact it would have on my life.

I started out with shakeology and BeachBody on Demand which I really liked because I really didn’t know much about Beachbody products

and their on demand let me figure out which workout was best for me.

I lost 25 pounds and felt allot better.

I can tell you that all their products are top of the line.

How to Make Money as a Beachbody Coach. 

The first and easiest way is to sell beachbody products.  You will make a 25% commission on all product sales.

The second way is to personally sponsor other people as beachbody coaches. This is were money can add up fast because now not only are you making money on you own personal sales but also all your personally sponsored coaches purchases and sales.

Become A Coach

Beachbody Coach Rank Breakdown

There are 4 different Beachbody Coach ranks, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Star Diamond.  To make my explanation simple, lets assume that whenever I mention a personally sponsored Coach, the Coach has signed up on Shakeology HD, which would make them an active Coach. Because if you sponsor someone into the business, and they never buy anything, or sell anything, they would be considered inactive and not be relevant or affect the rankings anyhow.

Beachbody Coach Ranks

From the image above you should be able to easily tell how to move up the Beachbody Coach ranks, but whats the difference? Why is being Diamond better than Emerald?

The main difference between the between the Beachbody Coach ranks is the cycle bonus each rank gets. I won’t go into detail on what a cycle bonus is because that can be a whole post by itself , so I will break it down like this:

Cycle Bonus Amounts

  • Emerald – $14/cycle
  • Ruby – $16/cycle
  • Diamond – $18/cycle

The cycle bonus amount a Coach earns depends on what rank they are, and because it is possible to cycles dozens of times a day, the difference could potentially be significant.

Another big difference between the Beachbody Coach ranks is the maximum amount they can earn in cycle bonuses. Here is the breakdown:

Cycle Bonus Max

  • Emerald -$250/week
  • Ruby – $1000/week
  • Diamond – $2000/week
  • Star Diamond – +$1000/week (for every Star you achieve, the max goes up $1000 and maxes out at 10 Star Diamond or $12,000/week)

So from the numbers listed above, you can see that an Emerald Coach can only earn up to $250 a week in cycle bonuses, so if you are thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach, you should have your long term goal set at Diamond and Star Diamond right from the start. Don’t plan to advance in rank to Emerald and stay there, Emerald is just your first stepping stone. It will take some time to get to the higher ranks, but with hard work and persistence it can be done. The only way to fail is to give up.

One thing that Beachbody does that is unique from any other program out there is once you reach Ruby status you start to receive free customers, leads and coaches which can add up to potentially 1’000’s of dollars a year.  Beachbody runs infomercials and online ads in fact if you have cable you can probably find one on Tv right now. All the people that buy any products from their ads gets assigned a coach and that coach gets the commission from the sale plus all future sales.

If you decide to become a Coach it is only $40 to start and $16 a month but if you purchase any challenge pack when you sign up the $40 is waived