How to Lose Weight through Dieting and Exercise

Individuals with the desire to lose weight often face the challenge of a method that will prove successful with the choice  being either exercising or dieting. The two can however be adequately combined to provide a blended weight loss plan that can yield desirable results over time. Exercise maintains the body fitness while a diet plan ensures that no buildup of calories is experienced which ultimately adds weight.

Weight loss Diet plan

A dieting phase during weight loss is supposed to ensure that lost fat is replaced with lean muscle. This will ensure a healthy body with enhanced fitness. Losing fat while building lean muscle can be achieved by lowering calorie intake and maintaining lean and quality protein consumption. High quality proteins include egg whites, red meat, protein supplements and poultry which will offer the body a protein capacity of between 220 and 250 grams. The recommended intake of proteins during weight loss should be a gram of protein for every pound of weight.

When dieting, it is important to ensure that carbohydrate intake is maintained at a low setting to ensure seamless shedding of the weight. As much as the body needs energy to be used during exercising in a diet plus exercise weight shedding strategy, maintaining the intake of carbohydrates at between 100 and 150 grams should provide the body with enough energy for all bodily functions. The sources of carbohydrates in this case should be rice, potatoes, whole grain bread and oat meals. One fundamental factor of the weight loss tips that should not be ignored is the intake of water. Plain water keeps the body hydrated and ensures a healthy respiratory system which not only burns the fat but ensures no buildup of the same is experienced in the tissues through the cleansing process. A gallon of water or preferably six to eight glasses of the precious liquid a day is enough to maintain a healthy body.

Exercise based weight loss plan

Exercises are tuned to ensure the body is able to burn calories which aids in burning of the fat deposits in the body tissues. Without exercises, it is possible to regain lost weight since the metabolic state of the body requires to be continuously stimulated to burn deposits for energy instead of storing. Cardio workouts normally aid the body keep fitness while ensuring that energy production through burning of fat deposits is captured seamlessly. A 30-minute session of cardio exercises can enable an individual lose up to 5 pounds. 45 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercises followed by 15 minutes of warm-down stretches a day for 5 days in a week can ensure the body sheds the fat deposits in the muscle tissues.

The bottom line

Controlled dietary intake should be coupled with an enhanced energy expenditure to ensure that there is a rotating system of calorie intake and usage. Combining these two systems is what makes one have the capacity to lose weight in a responsible and engaging manner. While dieting is important and fundamental when looking to eliminate the excess fat in the body, the ultimate input that makes for the best weight loss tips is the combination of a diet plan and exercise regime.

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