Herbalife Formula 1 Meal Replacement Full Review

Herbalife Formula 1 is made by Herbalife

Herbalife has been around for about  35 years and has gained great recognition as having good products in the  health supplement industry.

Herbalife’s Formula 1 has only 9 grams of protein which is a bit low compared to other meal replacement shakes.  About 25% of the daily recommended vitamins and 4 grams of fiber which is also a bit low in comparison.

It is dairy and gluten free which makes it good for  people with allergies.  They use pea protein which seems to be quite popular lately but we have found that whey is a much better form of protein  unless you are vegan it is the protein we would recommend.


The cost per shake is very affordable at $35 for 30 servings  which comes to about $1.17 a shake.


We found Formula 1 to taste good and there are plenty of flavors to pick from which include Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Wild Berry and Cookies and Cream to name a few.

Final Word

Overall Herbalife Formula 1 is just ok compared to some of the other options out there.

If there was more protein and fiber we would have rated it higher but at such a low price you can add fruits and milk or almond milk to add more fiber and protein.

In the end you get what you pay for . Spend the extra money its worth it


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