Ways to improve your Digestive Health 

The digestive system harbors various kinds of bacteria some of which can be friendly to the digestive system, and others that are harmful. Such bacteria can be identified quickly on the gut, which is where the digestive system starts, and if care is not taken, these bacteria can be the source of various diseases.

Therefore, digestive health is paramount to help keep harmful bacteria in the digestive system away and to protect one from diseases. Prebiotics are perhaps the most common supplement that promotes a healthy digestive system, which prevents such medical conditions as depression, obesity, among other conditions. Here are some more supplements that one can opt for to enhance gut health.

Honey And Lemons

Honey and lemon are two healthy natural foods that have been combined by many cultures for countless generations. Combining pure, raw honey with fresh lemon juice is a popular weight-loss remedy, although there are many other benefits to be had, including enhancing your digestion. Honey and lemon share some of the same properties that benefit the gastrointestinal system, but they contrast in other ways, especially their sweet and sour tastes.


For food to be absorbed into the body, it has to be broken down into smaller molecules, and this may not happen for certain foods depending on an individual’s tolerance. Enzymes are responsible for this breakdown, and if you are intolerant to such nutrients as lactose, you can use lactase.

That will ensure better digestion of dairy products whenever you consume them. Other than fostering digestion, there are suggestions that proteolytic enzymes are capable of reducing body irritation. Hence, as research continues, there may be more discoveries in future, regarding what more can be realized from enzymes.


You can take antioxidants in two different ways; either as supplements or in the form of antioxidant-rich foods. They help in reducing irritation inside your gut, thus promoting digestive health. Some of the foods you can include in your diet that is rich in antioxidants include dark-green vegetables, blueberries, nuts, red berries, among others. It is also reported that vitamins C and E can relieve Crohn’s disease symptoms.


Besides the use of prebiotics and the supplements mentioned above, cleansing your gut from time to time is important, to ensure that supplements work efficiently and that digestion is enhanced.  Here are 2 products that can get you started in the right direction and I highly recommend them,

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