21 Day Fix Workout

Summer is fast approaching which means it’s time to make up for your winter weight gain and get your body ready for swimsuit season. You might be thinking it’s too late, that there’s no way you can get into your ideal body in time. Well you are wrong. Team Beachbody is here with a great solution to guarantee you can get into shape by summer. Our 21 Day Fix is fast, effective, and takes all the guesswork out of weight loss. Created by fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, 21 Day Fix is a simple weight loss program that includes 30 minute workouts, a portion control meal plan, and 24/7 online VIP access. 

30 Minute Workouts

With 21 Day Fix workout you will receive a variety of simple, easy to follow workout videos. Each workout takes only 30 minutes, so they are fast and convenient for anyone with a busy schedule. The videos have a great variety of routines for anyone from yoga and pilates to cardio and cardio with weights to targeted upper body and lower body workouts so can mix it up so you’ll never get bored. Plus with this great variety you’ll never see your results plateau.

Pre-Packaged Containers

21 Day Fix also comes with a portion control meal plan so you can easily keep your diet on track. Our kits comes with color-coded portion containers that help you take control of your meals. Each color represents a food group–vegetables, fruits, protein, carbs, healthy fats and cheese, and seeds and oils. You can fill these containers with any of your favorite foods so you can still eat the foods you love! You get to fill most of the containers multiple times so don’t worry this is not a starvation diet. It is more about teaching you portion control and making healthier choices.


24/7 Online VIP Access

Finally, when you purchase 21 Day Fix  you will also receive 24/7 online VIP access to Autumn Calabrese and other motivated people like you. There are several ways to connect with chat rooms and message boards. With VIP access you can get all your questions answers and find the motivation you need to stay on track!

21 Day Fix only takes 21 days to reach your goals! That’s only three weeks to get yourself into a body you’ll feel comfortable showing off at the beach! Plus with our money back guarantee, you can be assured you will see results! So what are you waiting for? Get 21 Day FixⓇ today!

  • †Results vary. Exercise and proper diet like recommended in the 21 Day Fix program are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition